Saturday, September 30, 2017

Machine Tutorial

The MinEBella

       It's Vanessa! Today I got to test out Espresso Bella's very own capsule base espresso machine, and make an espresso using the MinEBella! I've never used a machine that has came straight from Italy until today, and honestly the experience I had was great. The water only took 60 seconds to heat up and not only was it quick, but it was so easy to use. No confusing buttons; one on/off button, and one button that allows the espresso to come out. The machine is perfect for people like me, because I am such a klutz. This machine is mistake proof, and very small, cute, and compact, hence the name MinEBella. Not only did the machine, with its cool features such as the empty capsules dropping into the holding container, and its ability to hold 8-15 empty capsules impress me, but the espresso itself was to die for!

       I am more of a lighter blend lover, so I tried the crema blend! However, for those of you who love a rich, dark blend, don't panic! Espresso Bella carries an aroma blend, and it is perfect for you! I would definitely recommend this machine to all espresso lovers; and those of you who are still trying to find the perfect espresso, look no further! Check out our YouTube video next week to see me use the MinEBella for the first time and visit our website for more information!