Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Holidays

It's Almost Christmas: Let's Talk Presents And Parties! 

Hi everyone, it's Vanessa and I'm here to talk about that time of year again! We're approaching the holidays and I could not be more excited! Family time, food, holiday break from work and school, and let's not forget about... presents! I'm an early shopper and have already planned out what I am going to buy who. However, there are always a few people that draw a blank, and I have no clue what to get them. I'm sure most of us have felt that unsureness before, right? Well, don't panic! Whether you're an early shopper like me, or a last minute shopper, make your way down to our showroom or visit our website( for great gift ideas! 

Our most raved about products are our very own brand of espresso machines, which include: "MamaBella Espresso Machine", "MinEBella Office Plus Espresso Machine", and the "MinEBella Espresso Machine". They are perfect for any occasion and make exceptional Christmas gifts! The MinEBella fits just about anywhere, and of course once purchasing our machine, it is only right to pick up a bag of our very own- Espresso Bella- espresso beans
 and the Mokador capsules!

Speaking of Christmas... 
Are you thinking of having a Christmas party this year? Let us join in on the fun and I promise, you will be glad we did! Call in or request a quote through our website for us to cater your Christmas party. With our fun flavoured syrups that represent the holidays -like peppermint, cookie dough, gingerbread, toasted marshmallow, and white chocolate- I'm sure they would sweeten up your party and give it the holiday feel it was looking for! 

Not sold on our products and service yet? You can always visit our YouTube channel to see a tutorial on how to use the MinEBella and videos on various events that we have done over the years!

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