Monday, August 20, 2018

Cup O'Flavours

It’s the perfect Sunday morning, you wake up, tamp just the right amount of espresso, and pour an espresso bella. As you’re sipping on the sweet crema, you smell it’s enticing aroma, taste the chocolate and nutty notes, and enjoy every last drop. But have you ever considered where your beans came from and why the coffee tastes the way it does?

There are three main growing regions that span across the world that coffee is cultivated from: South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Each has its own distinct flavour profiles, all of which can be found in our very own Venti Sei and Barista Blend.

South America
South American coffees are those that are full of nutty chocolately flavours and fall under the medium-bodied tier of coffees with mellow after notes. I’m sure everyone has heard of “Colombian coffee” – and it’s because most coffee does in fact come from Colombia, making it the most well-known or considered bean to buy. With it’s soft flavours, south American coffees are the favourite among most North American coffee drinkers – many Canadians actually prefer lighter roasts!

Southeast Asia
Asian coffees are those that tend to be full-bodied, and earthy or herbal in flavour. These beans are often found in dark roast coffees or blends. The most popular growing areas from southeast Asia are Vietnam and Indonesia – which is also known for it’s uniquely aged coffees. Italy is among one of the biggest importers of Indonesian coffees!

African coffees are unique in flavour, bringing about very fragrant notes and fruity finishes. African coffees tend to come from Ethiopia and Kenya, both of which can produce medium-full bodied coffees. Ethiopia is also said to be the birthplace of coffee, dating back to 800 C.E!

If we look at our two unique blends, Venti Sei and Barista Blend, we can definitely break down where all of the flavours come from:

80% Colombian/Brazilian, giving it a mellow afternote and with the blend of its 20% Vietnamese
beans, this espresso becomes a well-rounded, nutty, medium roast with a perfectly sweet crema.

This blend is very unique and holds beans from two growing regions and 5 growing areas within those regions.  Let’s break it down: Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The blend of these beans allows for a full bodied espresso with strong caramel and nutty flavours and a fruity chocolate finish. With a perfect pour, this espresso creates a rich hazelnut-coloured crema. Our Barista Blend can be likened to that perfect Italian espresso.

So, next time you sit down to enjoy your espresso bella, think of how far your beans have traveled and the uniqueness your cup holds!

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Great Debate: Old vs. New

No matter how you brew it, Nonna is always going to think her way is best. But is there really a right vs. wrong way to doing espresso?

Her way? Probably a stove top machine or a Moka pot that she’s had for years that heats fresh cold water causing the boiling water to bubble and rise and push that freshly brewed coffee to the top ready to be enjoyed. 

But nowadays, that’s too easy and there are fancier machines that make each espresso individually with fresh ground beans, aerate milk, and create a bold flavour. 

If we think about it, we’ve come a long way with technology – smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and we can’t forget about espresso machines!

An espresso machine has three main components: the water boiler, the grouphead or valve that operates the pressure of the water through the espresso, and a portafilter that holds the grounds and allows for the coffee to be forced through small holes and flowed into your cup. 

So what are the points for this great debate:

Multiple cups of coffee
Bold, 3-layered espresso with a rich crema
Rich, thick, full-bodied coffee
Individual, personalized cup
Easy to operate and clean
Some can produce milk-based beverages such as cappuccinos
Nonna’s favourite
Fancy addition to any home or event

In the end the winner comes down to how you like your coffee, how much time you have, and your patience level. Although a stove top is easy to operate and clean, it takes years to perfect that flavor. Similarly, an espresso machine may make an individual cup but it takes patience to learn how to operate.

Or maybe it comes down to that nostalgia of smelling the aromatic coffee and hearing the stove top pot hissing to a finish. Either way, there are many options to choose from and many resources to help you through the learning curves of each style.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Love is Brewing...

Every bride wants to be different, unique, please her guests, and have that one thing that makes everyone say, “Wow! Such a good idea!”

Let me tell you, the ordinary drip coffee that comes with your venue or catering company might not provide that 'wow' factor.

But there are other options to give your guests that extra “pick me up” after dinner that’s guaranteed to get everyone dancing all night long!

Even if you're not having a late wedding, you could enjoy espresso as you're getting all dolled up in the morning, after the service, midday, or even making it an addition to your cocktail hour!

Have you ever wanted a personal barista, someone equipped with all the knowledge and skills, that will make the perfect cappuccino just for you? That’s espresso bar catering.

There are many options to make your wedding unique: the perfect venue, d├ęcor, a photo booth, an awesome DJ, and now, your own personal barista and espresso bar.

You’re probably thinking: “I paid for a caterer, they come with coffee and tea.” Yes, but imagine the perfect espresso, that sweet crema and caramel notes – that is the treat your guests should be enjoying after the caterer does what they do best: food.

Also, you have a barista that greets each and every one of your guests with a smile and friendly service.

Just like a bar, espresso bar catering can be open for service for as long or as little as you’d like, giving your guests the choice of when they want an espresso – even if that means jumping off the dance floor for that quick extra burst of energy.

We know that your day is all about you, so let’s make it just that! Got a wedding hashtag, or a cute theme? Put that on your lattes! It’ll definitely be Instagram worthy, making your wedding the one everyone is talking about.

Speaking of lattes, there’s so much more to offer! Cappuccino, macchiato, espresso, americano, or any flavour addition...You name it, you can have it!

So, why not add this Pinterest pinnable, Instagram worthy service to your wedding and relax knowing your guests are enjoying the perfect after dinner espresso bella.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Do's & Don't's of Coffee

Let's face it, we all love our coffee: the way opening a fresh bag smells, the way it perks us up in the morning, and the way it brings friends and family together. But, do we love it enough to take care of our stash?

Let's start with the "Do's"...

1. Always store your coffee (beans and grinds) in an airtight  container or sealed bag
Most bags can be rolled and resealed - just make sure its nice & tight

2. Try to use your coffee up to 7 days after you've opened and ground the beans for optimal freshness 

3. Grind your coffee specific to your machine or brewing method of choice.

Having a grinder at home can ensure your coffee is ground just right! For example, fine grind for espresso

4. When brewing your coffee, use filtered water free from chemicals and minerals. (This will affect your coffee experience more than you think!)

    Alright, after we've gotten those "Do's" down pat, you can make sure you're not doing any of these "Don'ts"...

    1. Keep your coffee away from sunlight and store it in a dark place. ( Sunlight directly affects your beans/grinds and more often than not causes it to go stale quickly!)

    2. When storing your coffee, keep away from that fridge or freezer! Many people think this keeps the coffee fresher, longer, but it actually causes all freshness to be lost - leaving you with stale coffee!

    3. Keep your beans and grinds away from heat and moisture. We brew coffee with water - so, if we allow our grinds to be around any moisture the brewing process actually begins and flavour becomes lost!
    4. Last, but definitely not least - proportion! It's important that we use the right ratio of grinds:water 

    For example, an espresso machine will have measurements for water & the espresso grinds should not be packed down or heaping!

    So, now that you're a coffee storing and brewing pro, go forth and caffeinate!  

    Tuesday, February 27, 2018

    Why Choose Espresso Bar Catering?

    Do you like coffee? Well you’ll love this…

        Do you have an event to plan? Whether it be a small office meeting or social gathering, to a large Trade Show, Wedding or Bridal Shower,Espresso Bar Catering service can take it to the next level. This involves a barista coming to the venue and setting up an espresso machine, and skillfully creating fresh to order caffeinated beverages for your guests. Not sold yet? No problem! Here are a few more reasons why we know you’ll want to incorporate espresso bar catering at your next event:
    1. Coffee quality - ditch the standard drip coffee and opt for the premium fresh roast
    2. Customizability - add a personal touch to the bar with a signature beverage or beverage branding
    3. Add personality and atmosphere with a classy setup and customizable additions
    4. It’s the ‘Pick me up’ your guests need at an early morning event or something to keep them partying all night long. *Don’t fret if your guests aren’t coffee addicts like you are, they can indulge in a selection of teas (with the option of tea lattes, YUM) or hot cocoa!

    Some venues may offer the standard drip coffee, but that won’t satisfy the latte lovers and the espresso enthusiasts. Toronto’s espresso bar catering company has premium blend espresso that will far exceed those available in the typical venue package. These baristas are trained to make the perfect espresso and know just the right ratio of espresso to beautifully frothed milk for your cappuccino. Espresso Bar catering company Espresso Bella’s coffee is a blend of medium roast arabica and robusta beans from Columbia, Brazil and Vietnam. Their beans are roasted and ground fresh for the day of your event.

        Espresso bar catering also offer a variety of customization options. The baristas have access to many different syrups - from cookie dough to raspberry and everything in between - meaning you can create a custom drink (with a name of your choice) to serve to your guests at your event. There is also an option for beverage branding, similar to the concept of having a photo printed on a cake, only on a freshly made drink. It is a thin layer of sugar which can be placed on any dairy based* beverage. This feature is great for corporate events and weddings! You won’t see that with the standard drip coffee, or even Starbucks. ;) Espresso Bella has kindly provided photos of their past clients’ beverage branding to give you an idea of what you can do with this customizable detail.

    As you can see, between their beautiful setup, to their picture perfect beverages, their services truly add that extra umph to any event you host. #HostWithTheMost

        The table setup of the Espresso catering services are sleek and clean, Espresso Bella’s branding is black and white, so whether your wedding or company colours are vibrant or toned down, the setup will always flow with the look and feel of your event. BUT - if you have a table cloth or decor you wish to add to their setup, that is never an issue. They can accommodate just  about any request you have. After being in business for 14 years, they want nothing more for the customer to be pleased.

    A rep from Espresso Bella spoke of the joy from event goers as soon as they walk in the room. “As soon as guests walk into the room they smell the coffee and rush over. The machine is a welcoming place and invites conversation! I think it’s a familiar feeling and brings people together”. When booking an Espresso/Coffee caterer, you are guaranteed a barista who is professional, personable and knowledgeable. Prior to an event, clients may be concerned about their guests having to line up, and I thought the same thing until attending an event with an espresso caterer. After asking Espresso Bella what their secret is to run smoothly and efficiently, they say they are always prepared for the number of guests, sending the appropriate number of baristas to accommodate any quantity! Not only this, but isn’t it mesmerizing to watch a barista in action?

    Now, let’s talk event times. If you’re planning a morning event, you need coffee readily available, because let’s face it… people aren’t themselves until they get their coffee. Something about a freshly brewed cup of joe makes everything better. Your guests/employees will really love the cup of caffeine and immediately be more enthusiastic (especially if you’re planning a work event). Even if your event is in the evening, who doesn’t love a post-dinner coffee? This will ensure your guests are energized and ready to take on the night (I’m speaking to the brides and grooms here - get your guests ready for the dance floor!)

        Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor, morning or evening event, an espresso bar catering service is always well received by guests.

    Saturday, January 27, 2018

    Here Comes The Bride!

    Espresso Bella Inc., Toronto's Coffee Catering company, is happy to provide our Coffee Catering Services all over Ontario for any Event!
    Our Mobile Coffee Catering Services can be completely customized to efficiently service any event brought to us - whether it be large, small, indoors, or outdoors. We are proud to be of service and strive to provide a quality, authentic coffee experience for all of our guests regardless of where we are set up. From Movie and TV show production sets, to the classiest Weddings and Bridal functions, to the top Cooperate and National Trade Shows. Our team provides that touch of class and quality service that goes beyond any of our clients expectations. Speaking of Trade Shows, our team was recently featured at the Spring National Bridal Show this past weekend for our Espresso Bar Catering services! It was such an honor to meet all the new Brides and Grooms to-be and give them a little introduction to our service.

    We especially love having the opportunity to be a part of the wedding industry for the outstanding appreciation and balance between quality product and outstanding entertainment. It is a spectrum that we believe to balance quite well on. We pride ourselves on ‘making every cup a beautiful one’ - From our fresh, authentic espresso beans, roasted in-house and specifically for your event, to our professional, and vibrant Baristas, who create each and every beverage as a work of art, our services never fail to deliver! From the Engagement party, to the Bridal Shower, up until the big day, our Catering Directors are happy to bring our clients' visions to life, and represent the individuality of the couple while doing so! Our espresso bar catering services include a variety of customization options available to our clients - From signature coffee 'His & Hers' beverages, to custom menu’s, to our very popular Beverage Branding - our clients have the opportunity to make their Espresso Bar truly theirs, leaving their guests in aw, and reassuring the satisfaction of booking with Espresso Bella Inc. 

    The theme and celebration of love is so evident on our clients big day, and our team does their very best to keep this theme unison throughout the entire process. We focus on delivering quality service every step of the way and develop relationships with our clients that play a huge role in making their special event that much more memorable and allow them to trust in our services for their future special occasions.

    For more information about our service or to receive a quote for your upcoming event, please visit our website:

    We would also love to connect with you on our social media!

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    Wednesday, January 24, 2018

    Tips And Tricks To Perfectly Frothed Milk

           When it comes to frothing milk, it takes lots of practice to get it just right, every time.  It is extremely easy to make mistakes while frothing milk; however, they can all be easily fixed. 

          Not purging the steam wand before AND after use is severely important.  You must purge the steam wand before you froth your milk because water from previous cleanings could be sitting in the wand, resulting in watery milk when you go to foam.  Purging after is also very important because milk from the previous frothing may be stuck inside the wand, harden, and cause blockage.  Wiping the steam wand with a damp cloth after use is also crucial to get rid of any dried up milk on the exterior part of the wand. 


          Putting the steam wand in too deep, or not deep enough, also affects how well the milk is frothed.  If you hear a loud screeching noise, it is because your wand is in too deep.  To fix this, just lower the jug a slight bit. However, not too much because you don't want to see bubbles.  Bubbles indicate that the wand is not in deep enough!  The sound you want to aim for is a low hissing sound, that's how you know you've got it!

           You also want to see your milk turning like it's a whirlpool!  That's a key sign to beautifully frothed milk. 

           To know when to stop frothing is all determined by the temperature of the frothing jug.  You do not want your jug to be so hot that you are unable to even touch it.  Although, you also don't want the jug to be just warm; somewhere in the middle is perfect. To monitor the temperature of the jug as you froth, place your free hand on the jug and the other one on the handle of the jug.  The hand on the handle is used to control where the wand is to the jug; how deep or shallow the wand is in the milk.  

           Once the frothing is finished, you want to get the milk into your drink right away.  Give it a good twirl in the jug and then quickly pour the milk.  

           The difference between poorly frothed milk, and perfectly frothed milk is how it looks after it is frothed.  Milk that isn't frothed properly consists of a large milk base with a layer of bubbles at the top.  Whereas well frothed milk has a consistent foam texture. 


                                               POORLY FROTHED                                                                                                                                                   PROPERLY FROTHED
                                                          MILK                                                                                                                                                                               MILK

           Now that you know some tips on how to enhance your milk frothing skills; be sure to check out our step by step demonstration on what it looks like to poorly and properly froth milk!  Also, don't forget to follow all our social media accounts listed below!

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