Thursday, June 1, 2017

*Natural* Coffee Making Methods

What’s the most you’d pay for your cup of coffee? Here at Espresso Bella, we charge $2.00 on average for a coffee beverage. Other companies range anywhere from $3-$7.
What if we told you some people spend a whopping $50-$60 CDN on a cup of coffee, and that the beans used in that coffee were picked from animal feces? YUP. You read that right and apparently it is more common than we thought (and enjoyed by many.) I know this information is cringe-worthy and the thought of it may make your stomach turn, but you need to continue reading this!

This Coffee making process is quite common and happens around the globe. It is a greener approach to fermenting coffee beans and leaves an unattainable favour on the beans!

First up- we head to Indonesia where
Kopi Luwak coffee originated. This method involves the
Indonesia Civet Cat- which belongs to the Viverrida Family. These Civet Cats survive off of the ripest coffee cherries in Indonesia. During digestion, the coffee cherries and pulp are removed and digested, however the bean remains whole. This is where the ‘unique’ fermentation process occurs that is responsible for the coffee beans unique taste. After 24 hours, the coffee beans are defecated by the civet cat. The coffee beans are handpicked, washed, dried, pounded to remove the beans skin, sorted and finally roasted. The taste of the Kopi Luwak coffee is explained to be earthy, smooth and surprisingly less bitter than a regular cup of Arabica coffee. The average cost of Kopi Luwak coffee sits at about $100 US per pound.

In Central-South Asia, you can find & try Coati Coffee! A Coati’s diet also consists of Jungle Fruits- mainly coffee cherries that are very ripe – determined by their impeccable sense of smell. While the coffee beans are protected by an outer shell, some of the digestive chemicals get absorbed and natural fermentation occurs in the Coati’s belly. This fermentation process breaks down the bitterness of the coffee and gives a mild chocolate-nut flavour (*cringes*) with a hint of fruity goodness. The coffee beans are 100% Arabica and produced mainly in Peru.

In Thailand, the delicacy is referred to as Black Ivory Coffee. Black Ivory was created and founded by

Torontonian Blake Dinkin. The coffee cherries are ingested by Thailand’s wild Elephants. These elephants eat raw coffee cherries mixed in with their diets. Some elephants prefer their cherries plain, with rice, or with bananas- this all has an effect on the final taste of the coffee. Each elephant eats 150kg of food a day. Dinkin slips a few cherries into the elephant’s meals on the daily. It takes approximately two days for the coffee beans to be passed through the elephants. To make a single kilogram of coffee, it takes around 33 kg of cherries. Many of the beans consumed are crushed when the elephants chew and cannot be used. Dinkin expressed that the taste did not come right away- for at first the coffee tasted awful. Nine years later, he managed to master the coffees taste by altering what the elephants ate with the cherries. Black Ivory is explained to be floral, earthy and full bodied. The average cost of a cup of this sits at about $50-$60 and can be purchased in many hotels.

These three coffee making methods are fairly similar in regards to a mammal consuming, fermenting and digesting the coffee beans. But our final coffee making method doesn’t involve an animal’s consumption entirely (thank goodness.) Wild Bat Coffee was founded in Costa Rica. The wild bats feed off of the Coffee Cherries. The bats break down the skin, feed on the cherry pulp and lick the sugar-rich mucilage initiating a uniquely natural coffee processing method. The bats are too small to eat and digest the actual coffee beans, so nature takes its course on the bean itself, opposed to the bats stomach! The coffee beans are left on the tree and exposed to the sun as nature's own way of drying the coffee in its par ... chment. The coffee is known to be remarkable fruity and floral and its acidity is very delicate!
So, would you try these?
The prices alone is ridiculous in our opinion; however it is understandable with the amount of physical labour and time that goes into creating these unique blends.
Unfortunately, the knowledge of the process alone was enough of a turn off.
However, these blends are fairly popular and loved by many- so the taste has to be enjoyable.

Do you know of any other natural Coffee making processes? Let us know!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

You were just served a fresh cup of Coffee/Espresso - What do you add to it?
 Just Milk?  Half & Half? These are some of the more common coffee condiments, but we wanted to step outside of the box. We searched around for some of the most bizarre, yet quite common Coffee & Espresso condiments and this is what we *shockingly* found!

Baking Soda – Not something you would generally associate with coffee or espresso, but it is actually used in coffee not for taste, but for its health benefits. Adding a tbsp of baking soda into your cup of coffee actually cuts the acidity in the coffee, making it more stomach-friendly.

Butter – Earlier this year, we actually put this to the test with Bulletproof coffee. Bullet proof coffee is the combination of freshly brewed coffee, organic grass-fed butter and MCT or coconut oil. We were huge sceptics of this at first because, let’s be honest, the thought of butter in coffee is not at all appetizing. The results however were the total opposite of what we expected. Adding the butter to the coffee – and blending it- made the coffee so rich and creamy. It was as if you were drinking a cappuccino. We found that you actually didn’t have to add any milk or sugar/sweetener to it- it was super light and airy!
Egg – adapted from the Vietnamese Culture – adding an egg to your freshly brewed cup of coffee creates a smooth beverages packed with protein!
Honey – a natural substitute to sugar!
Salt – sprinkling salt into your cup of coffee will actually reduced the bitterness.  
Peanut Butter – looking for a nutty fix? Try adding a scoop of peanut butter to your cup of coffee!
Lemon/Lime - Give your morning brew a citrusy kick by throwing in a fresh lemon or lime peel. The peel will get rid of the bitter flavors of your coffee and enhance its sweetness. Another myth suggests that a lemon peel can clean your teeth after drinking an espresso.
Tonic Water - Bubbly iced coffee sounds weird but also somewhat appealing, right? This combination is made by pouring cold brew or espresso over tonic water and ice. The resulting drink is said to be citrusy, crisp, and refreshing (especially on those hot summer days)
Ice Cream – not necessarily the most bizarre, as we know and serve this as an Affogato. It is delicious and we highly recommend it!
Some of these definitely sound more appealing than others, but I think I’ll stick to my long espresso shot with a splash of chocolate almond milk- yum!

What’s In Your Cup? Let us know!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cars & Coffee

Espresso Bella Inc. aims for Class and Quality. We are more than just a cup of coffee, more than just a catering company, and more than just a distributor of quality espresso machines.  Espresso Bella Inc. doesn't just provide unique, customizable, and quality services and products that are incomparable. We provide relationships, trust and are determined to go that extra mile.  We will always go above and beyond for our clients and will be that extra touch of class at any event or occasion.  Espresso Bella Inc. is luxury.  We provide only the best of the best and cater to our clients' wishes and desires.  We allow our guests and clients to experience awesome!

We shaped our desire to be the best of the best because of the many events we have done for some VIP clients, namely with the major car brands and Dealerships!  We have come to the realization that we aim for excellence like these well known brands.  We share the same mentality.  We strive for the experience that is unattainable by any competitor.  We strive for the uniqueness of our taste, style, and manner.  Like the car you drive, your coffee should be just as luxurious and just as customized to your taste and needs.


Espresso Bella Inc. has had the opportunity to work with numerous Luxury Car brands at Car Launches, Appreciation Events & more! We've set up our immaculate services in the Brand Headquarters and even right in the showroom next to the most beautiful Car Models.

We are so appreciative for our business with BMW, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Tesla, and Lexus to name a few.  These Brands cater to clientele looking to indulge in life and luxury and here at Espresso Bella Inc. we strongly believe that our services demonstrate passion and dedication, much like the workmanship behind these masterpiece cars.


It is so rewarding to work with clients that represent quality and craftsmanship and we're so honoured when we come across a brand that appreciates passion, honesty, and quality.  We find that these events have been extra rewarding to our own brand since we are the company entrusted to add that little something extra, the espresso bar!  
For more information on our Espresso Bar Catering, visit our Website or fill out a
Quote Request Form.

Have a beautiful day, and an Espresso Bella!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Espresso Bar Catering


Some of Our Most Memorable Events

Here at Espresso Bella Inc. we not only have a never ending passion for Coffee, but we also
enjoy delivering Quality Service. Espresso Bella Inc. Espresso Bar Catering is a specialty service that brings forth both Quality and Class. Espresso Bella Inc. has the pleasure of servicing all types of events. From grand venues, to small private functions, we have the ability to customize our Espresso Bar and set up at virtually any location. Over the past 12 years, we have had the pleasure of servicing quite the number of events. We have traveled both in and out of the province to do our part in creating a successful event for our clients. It is truly rewarding to not only see and hear our client’s reactions to their freshly made-to-order beverages, but to be a part of some amazing events in some incredible venues. Although no two Espresso Bar Catering events are the same, and all are worth recognition, here are some of our most memorable catering events.

One of our largest guest count events we serviced was at The Santa Claus Parade in Downtown Toronto for Nintendo WiU.  With a guest count of about 10 thousand, our Barista's were very busy!  Our client decided to customize their Espresso Bar to strictly Hot Chocolate as the parade catered mostly to children - and we were beyond ecstatic to do so! Espresso Bella Inc. gives our clients the option to customize the bar to any desire. We have presented Hot Chocolate Bars, Canadian Coffee Bars, and even Iced Coffee Bars...anything specialty. We understand that everyone has a preference and that regardless of what beverage is in your cup, it should be a beautiful one!

Our largest multi location/man-powered events was when we worked closely with a high end client who had an event set up at eight different locations on the same day at different malls across Ontario.  We were so grateful to be a part of this event. We had eight of our Baristas set up with a customized Espresso Bar that incorporated themed desserts to compliment the beverages.   Our Catering Directors worked in-synch with our in-house Baker to get all the deserts and Espresso Bars packed up and ready for pick up the day before the event, ensuring that every Barista had everything they needed. 

            We had the pleasure of taking our Espresso Bar where some said it couldn't go...on the Toronto Ferry Boat and on to Toronto's Ward Island.  Our Baristas walked the mobile espresso bar through the streets of Ward's Island all the way to the wedding chapel in time to serve all the guests some delicious specialty beverages. Read more about the event as featured in the Toronto Life Magazine!

Another memorable event was when we had the opportunity to cater a private function for the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team. We worked closely with an event agency and catered an Alumni & Team dinner at a Golf Course in Ontario. The entire team enjoyed and indulged in quality espresso beverages, as our Baristas indulged in the once of a life time experience, up close and personal with all the team players! We truly love what we do, and when we cater events like these, and all events for that matter, we cater them with such gratitude and pride! 

               Espresso Bella Inc. aims for prestige! Whether it is an event big or small, we love creating a beautiful experience for our clients! Our team of Catering Directors can be reached by phone or email and invite you to fill out a Quote Request Form located on our homepage. You are also always welcome to stop by our Stouffville Showroom where you can taste our Espresso, chat with our team and see our machines in action!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hello May

May means a few things, but two in particular-
Summer is around the corner & We have officially entered Wedding Season!

We have decided to focus this month on our Espresso Bar Catering, and what is involved in booking Espresso Bella for your wedding (or any upcoming event.)
This is one of our favourite times of the year! As you may (or may not) know, one of our many talents and specialties is Espresso Bar Catering! Although we
have and can cater all types of events- Tradeshows, Corporate, Private functions, etc- Weddings have become very popular for us!
Our Espresso Bar Catering caters to weddings all over the GTA.
We understand that there are a variety of venues that require catering, or do not offer Espresso or specialty coffee beverages that many of our clients would prefer.
Espresso Bella is happy to be of service to all of our clients at any venue location- whether it is inside or out! Our easily accessible Espresso Bar is conveniently set up to accommodate any event space and is completely customizable!

Our team of catering directors will work with you every step of the way! From filling out a Quote, to ironing out the minor details, to adding on Signature Beverages, or Personal Beverage Branding- Espresso Bella will go above and beyond to help make your event a success! Clients even have the opportunity to book a tasting in our showroom to see the Espresso Bar, taste our Signature Venti Sei and Black Tie Espresso Blends, and the beverages included in their Espresso Bar Package!

We don’t stop there either- Espresso Bella goes beyond Espresso Bar Catering.
Along with our Original* Beverage Branding, allowing our clients to have a personalized image or slogan printed with edible ink on their beverages, we are now offering Customizable Stencils! Similar to our Original* Beverage Branding, our clients can have an image, logo or slogan #3D printed onto a Food Grade Stencil to use on top of their beverages with condiments such as cinnamon or cocoa powder!

Like a beautiful cup of coffee is important to us, we understand how special your day is to you and will always entail Class and Quality into our services!

For more information on Espresso Bar Catering, Visit our Website

Fill out a Quote Request today for a complimentary quote for your upcoming event!

Stay tuned for a month full of quick event tips, our catering specialties & more!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cleaning up your Espresso/Coffee Bar

Revamping Your Espresso Bar!

With Spring finally here, we can’t help but gain the urge to purge! Spring Cleaning sure has its benefits, but can be time consuming! Here are some quick, easy and affordable tips to Cleaning out your Espresso Set Up and adding some fresh spunk to your Home Coffee Bar!

The key to a Clean, Fresh looking Espresso Bar is to keep things nice and tidy!

 Everything on your bar (or kitchen counter) should have a place!

Keep your espresso beans, grounds or capsules in an air tight container, or on a shelf, or rack!
You can find affordable glass air tight containers at various dollar stores/ grocery stores. Many come with labels that you can customize. This allows you to have more variety on your bar without having it look cluttered or messy.

Mesh-Top Shakers come in handy when wanting to top your drink off with something sweet, but don't want to deal with the mess!
Fill them with cinnamon, cocoa powder or anything your sweet tooth desires!
Great news, they're also available on our Online Store and In showroom!

Dose your machine have a heating rack on top? Remember to place your cups & mugs right side up! Placing them upside-down will heat the rim of the cup only- this is a recipe for a burnt lip!
allowing the bottom of the glass or mug to heat will keep your coffee beverage warmer for a longer period of time- since this is the first place the coffee hits when pouring into your cup.
You can also fill your glass/mug with warm water and let that help heat the cup while you set up your coffee. Dump the water out right before you are ready to pour your coffee.

Knock boxes are key to keeping a mess-free counter- especially with espresso machines that use grounds!
Breville has come out with a Stainless Steel Knock box that will go with any kitchen! The Knock box comes in two sizes and is made with a durable bar to “knock” your used grinds from your handle for a mess-free espresso, every time. The Knock box is lined with a removable rubber bucket that is easy to dump and rinse, eliminating the process of having to knock your grinds into a bag or garbage container, avoiding possible contamination.

To Purchase your Knock Box, visit our Online Store

Cleaning Up?
*Always remember to keep a damp cloth nearby*
this will come in handy for wiping your frothing wand after frothing milk & steaming it.

All removable parts of your Espresso machine can be cleaned in your sink with soap and warm water or in your dishwasher.  Confirm with machine manual*

For more fresh, Coffee & Espresso tips, keep up with the buzz!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Cleaning with Espresso Bella

Welcome to Spring!
This month at Espresso Bella, our focus is Out with the Old, In with the New!
Time to freshen up your Espresso Machines and Coffee Products.
Espresso Bella is your go-to for everything you’ll need to clean your machines, refresh your set-up with new accessories, or stock up on some new coffee blends!
Does your machine need Descaling? We sell Liquid Decalcifier’s that are compatible with all Espresso Machines (Manual, Automatic & Capsule.)

Is your Espresso not pouring right? Is your Machine acting up? Drop it off! We will have your machine serviced and running smoothly for the new season!
Is your Espresso Bar looking a little dull? Stop by the showroom and revamp your bar with new cups, spoons, syrups & more! Make your espresso’s true #EspressoBellas
Over your current blend of coffee? Want to try something new? Don’t know where to go?
You guessed it! Espresso Bella offers multiple blends of espresso to accommodate all of our client’s preferences! You can find the freshest Espresso at our showroom with our Venti Sei and Black Tie Espresso Blends, locally roasted and brought in house every SEVEN days! No stale beans!
Finally, it wouldn’t be spring without something new! Check out our workshops this month!
Friday April 7th 2017- Bulletproof Coffee
Thursday April 27
th 2017- Chocolate Etching
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Have a Beautiful Day, and an Espresso Bella!