Saturday, October 14, 2017

Vanessa's First Catering Event

My First Catering Event

       It's Vanessa! Last Wednesday October 11th wasn't my regular go to the office and do work kind of day. Instead, that day I had my very first catering event! Cassandra picked me up straight from school and we were on our way with a thirty minute drive ahead of us. The event was for two hours in Brampton at a television show set, where Bravo's Imposters was being filmed!

       When we finally reached our destination, it was somewhere both Cassandra and I have never been before. At first glance, the location we were sent to did not look like a place where a television show would be filmed, but more like a carnival. About twenty minutes after we arrived, we were all set up and ready to serve! Some crew members even provided us with a tent to block out the wind because we were serving outside. If it wasn't for that tent, we would have been rained on and frozen, so we really appreciate and are so thankful for it! 

    As soon as the espresso machine was heated, and up and running, a huge line of people appeared in front of us with the line up going outside the tent and onto the sidewalk! People were not only ordering a drink for themselves, but had a whole list of drinks for other cast and crew members. It was so busy, I loved it! Every single person in line was so great! They were patient, kind and great conversationists, which made my experience one thousand times better. I loved this event because I got to experience first hand what catering events is all about and learn and practice making all the drinks we serve! Our menu consisted of espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, macchiato, hot chocolate, and a variety of tea! Mochaccino was the most popular because it is a mix of a cappuccino and chocolate! It is also one of my favourites. 

       After two hours of catering, it was time for us to pack up. Packing all the items away was a lot easier and faster than unpacking them which was good; however, I was sad to leave because I had so much fun, and learned a lot! I cannot wait to serve at more events! Thank you to GEP Imposters Inc. for choosing Espresso Bella to cater your event! We had a fantastic time, and really hope to work with you again. 

       If you're looking for a company to cater espresso and more at your next event, contact us at our website: Also, be sure to visit all of our social media accounts to see more events that we have done: 
Instagram: @espressobellainc
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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

First Day On The Job

My First Day at Work

       It's Vanessa... again! Today I'm going to take you all on a little journey through my first day working at Espresso Bella on September 27, 2017. Before I get into my day, I want to talk a little bit about the vibe Espresso Bella and the employees and owners gave me. The place itself is a very cute, cozy, and home-like place, and as for the people, they were great! They were all very welcoming, kind, and they made you feel like family.

       Now, the start of my day! First I was taught all the machines we carry, the types of capsules, beans, and grounds we carry and finally, all the accessories that are needed to give you the perfect espresso experience. If you're looking to find the ideal espresso machine - like my last blog said, the MinEbella or honestly any of our other products are amazing; however, we have a variety of machines and brands to choose from. On my first day of work, I also tried my first espresso ever! Isn't it ironic how I have never tried an espresso until my first day of work, yet I applied to an espresso bar catering company? To say the least, the espresso was delicious and I will definitely be having lots more in the future. When I made my espresso I added two pumps of hazelnut syrup to spice it up a little. Although, it was so hard to choose which flavour to add considering we have so many, such as vanilla, peppermint, English toffee, chai tea, and so much more

       Lastly, at the end of the day, I familiarized myself with all of our social media accounts. Espresso Bella's platform and involvement on social media is huge and continuing to grow as you read this! If you want to be apart of this growth, follow us on:

Instagram: @espressobellainc
Twitter: @espressobella

       Don't stop there! Visit our website for more information, and to purchase items from us and book us for your events at

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Machine Tutorial

The MinEBella

       It's Vanessa! Today I got to test out Espresso Bella's very own capsule base espresso machine, and make an espresso using the MinEBella! I've never used a machine that has came straight from Italy until today, and honestly the experience I had was great. The water only took 60 seconds to heat up and not only was it quick, but it was so easy to use. No confusing buttons; one on/off button, and one button that allows the espresso to come out. The machine is perfect for people like me, because I am such a klutz. This machine is mistake proof, and very small, cute, and compact, hence the name MinEBella. Not only did the machine, with its cool features such as the empty capsules dropping into the holding container, and its ability to hold 8-15 empty capsules impress me, but the espresso itself was to die for!

       I am more of a lighter blend lover, so I tried the crema blend! However, for those of you who love a rich, dark blend, don't panic! Espresso Bella carries an aroma blend, and it is perfect for you! I would definitely recommend this machine to all espresso lovers; and those of you who are still trying to find the perfect espresso, look no further! Check out our YouTube video next week to see me use the MinEBella for the first time and visit our website for more information!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers & More!

As you may know, we recently participated in our First National Bridal Show. Espresso Bar Catering has become a very popular addition to weddings across Ontario. Our Catering directors work hand-in hand with the Brides and Grooms and even event planners to do our part in contributing to their special day.
We focus on delivering quality service every step of the way and develop relationships with our clients that differentiate us from other vendors.

These relationships play a huge role in making their special event that much more memorable and allow our clients to trust in our services for their future events to come.

Although weddings have been extremely popular for us, Espresso Bella specializes in all types of events, including those prior to and after the big day! Engagement parties and Bridal showers are fantastic opportunities to inquire about Espresso Bar Catering!  No event is ever too big (or too small) for Espresso Bella! We work with a variety of venues across the GTA and are always happy to be of service.
We always accommodate our client’s requests and are very flexible when it comes to customizing the bar and bringing their visions to life!


We also love when our clients call us after their big day! We’ve catered Anniversary parties, Baptisms and even First Birthday’s! Our clients become more than just clients to us- they become family. Espresso Bella prides on our ability to incorporate the trust and reassurance in our service that will have our clients satisfied and not thinking twice about coming to us for their next event!

To request a quote for your upcoming Event(s) Visit our Website

Friday, August 25, 2017

Customizable Stencils

If there is one thing we have noticed about 2017, it is that Customization & Personalization is huge in the event industry!
Our Espresso Bar Catering has offered our Original* Beverage Branding for as long as the business has been around! However, we decided to step it up a notch this year and add something new and exciting to our Espresso Bar Catering menu!

Introducing Customizable Stencils!
These Food-Grade plastic stencils can be customized with just about any image, name or slogan.
All we need is a J.peg format image of your design, and just like that- you've created your very own customizable stencil! The best part- it's yours to keep!
You'll be making Espresso Bella's forever!

To order your Customized Stencil, visit our Online Store.
To Obtain an Espresso Bar Catering quote, fill out a Request Form here.

For any inquires, or to send your j.peg images for your stencil, please contact us at

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Golf Course Events

There’s just something about the summer that puts everyone in a better mood. The warm weather, the beautiful sunshine, and for us Espresso Bella’s & Bello’s- outdoor events! Outdoor events are a personal favourite. It takes our already unique bar set up to a next level w-o-w as we bring authentic espresso beverages to the outdoors. Didn’t think it was possible, did you? Lucky for you, we’ve got a ton of footage of our outdoor set ups and incredible events at parks, private venues, and the ever so popular golf courses!


Picture a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in sight, and the wind is at a stand-still. You’re standing at the 9th hole and t-off into a beautiful green field! The day cannot get any better- or can it? Your best pal waves you over, as to both your surprise, Espresso Bella is set up conveniently at your hole, offering fresh to order espressos, lattes and even iced coffees & ice granitas! Sounds like a dream- but we’re here to help make your dreams your reality!

We have been so fortunate to cater numerous Golf Course events across the province! From private functions, to public events – we’ve gathered our espresso bars, packed them up onto golf carts, transported them through the course, and set up & served our famous quality espresso. These events are always so rewarding because our clients and guests of the event are always so amazed to find an espresso bar in the middle of their game! It’s not every day you find an outdoor espresso bar, but Espresso Bella will go above and beyond to make any event and event location work! With access to power & water, we can create the espresso bar of your dreams just about anywhere you’d like!

Did I mention the part about loading up our espresso bars onto golf carts? Our baristas were handed keys to a cart for the day to transport their bars to their locations within the course grounds. We packed our machines, coffee, blenders and condiments onto carts and set sail into the greenery on our quest to deliver #EspressoBellas at multiple bar set ups on the course that day! It was so nice to see the look on the players faces as they pulled up to their next hole with a freshly brewed espresso or refreshing lemon ice granita waiting for them!

Another note worthy Golf Course event took place inside the courses beautiful reception & dining hall! Although not outdoor, we had the pleasure of catering a private event for none other than the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team and Alumni players! Talk about up close and personal. All the players had the chance to spend the day out on the course playing a few rounds, and end it off with a personal espresso beverage! It was an incredible experience (both for the players and for us!!)

Espresso Bella never limits our ability to deliver, nor do we limit your ability to vision the most perfect event! Indoors or out, we pride ourselves on capturing every detail- big or small- and catering great beverages and even greater service!
Looking to book an event at a Golf Course or outdoor venue? We’ve got what you’re looking for! Contact us today or fill out a Quote Request form!
Have a Beautiful Day, and an Espresso Bella!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Happy Summer! We are in the midst of our busy season and we are over the moon! It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to plan and watch a client’s vision come to life! We have been so fortunate to work with so many amazing people, planners and companies to create some unforgettable events across Ontario! All of our caffeine loving clients- both repeat and new- have come to us with their vision, incorporating their very own personal touches and we have helped make it happen!

Here at Espresso Bella, we pride ourselves on the ability to accommodate just about any event and believe that there is always room to grow! We wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing clients, and we strive to incorporate diversity and flexibility into our business to better suit everyone’s request! From small, one hour meetings, to customized bars for the non-coffee drinkers, to multiple location events within the same day- we tackle each event with excitement and an open mind as this is our opportunity to bring someone’s vision to life!

It’s always hard picking just one event to focus on- because every event that we are fortunate to be a part of is so unique! Weddings are a great example of this.  Each and every wedding we have catered has incorporated bits and pieces of both the bride and groom that have made it impossible to compare to any other event.  Couples, among all our clients have the opportunity to add on our signature Beverage Branding to their Espresso Bars.  This is always a fun add on because the reaction from their guests alone is so rewarding.  People are truly amazed to see customized images and branding inside of their cup.  New this year is also our Customizable stencils. Like the Beverage Branding, this allows for any logo or name to be displayed on top of your cappuccinos and lattes! The best part- you get to keep the stencil! (And they lived happily ever after with endless 
Espresso Bella’s!)
 It is a great way to make the Espresso Bar a true reflection of the bride and groom.

              It is reasons like these that motivate us to reach all potential clients! Another set of note worthy events that come to mind are our events that require multiple locations in the same day! (Keep in mind, this does not include the multiple bookings we get on a daily basis- this is just one high end client)  Espresso Bella has been fortunate to cater numerous events on a single day, that require more than one location ranging from 2 up to 15! That’s right- Espresso Bella went province wide as we stretched from Windsor, Ontario to St. Catherine’s, Ontario at 15 different Lexus Dealerships! That’s 15 separate Espresso Bar Set Ups with 15 beautiful espresso machines and 15 professional baristas! Our Catering Directors came together in just over two weeks to plan this corporate event that ran as smooth as our espresso flows!  This event was a great example of putting our team and ability to the test!  With a little determination and hard work - absolutely any event is possible!

             We love joining companies and clients with the same motive in mind! Lexus, for example, is a luxury brand that values the opportunity of Experiencing Amazing. Espresso Bella believes that all our clients should experience class and quality from our products, to our services, and of course our espresso!  Going forth any event, we always present gratitude and optimism as we take each booking as an opportunity to grow! Not only do we believe that every cup of espresso should be a beautiful one, but every event we cater too!