Friday, January 21, 2011

What's your favorite Espresso Machine?

I have too many to like - but whats your favorite espresso machine?
Right now, mine is the Segafredo SZ01.  Easy, no tamping, no mess - just a capsule...

Check out the stats....
Espresso bar excellence can now be enjoyed in the same professional way in cafés, at home and in the office – wherever the new SZ01 happens to be. This new Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System machine guarantees the same speed and quality as professional coffee machines, with the same level of taste and unmistakable crema.
A taste evolution This is a 100% Italian product, designed and created within the Segafredo Zanetti Group by San Marco, a leading company in the production of professional coffee machines. The new SZ01 has 2 separate boilers, one for preparing coffee and hot water and the other for producing steam. The water softener is extremely important, as it decalcifies the water to prevent limescale deposits inside the machine. Taste in its best form.
The SZ01 has a great deal of striking features, especially in terms of performance. First is the pre-infusion button, designed to wet the capsule before making the coffee and to give added quality, followed by the hot water steam collection system. As in large bar machines, it has an aluminium top surface to heat cups and glasses. Not just coffee Just as in a bar, the machine provides hot water for tea, infusions and instant hot drinks. You can also enjoy cappuccino or hot water with the steam nozzle. There is an optional cappuccino-making function for easily frothing milk.
Eclectic, extremely simple to use and to maintain, the new coffee machine will bring all the functions of a professional bar machine to your home or office in a fraction of the space. A passion for taste. After one, a hundred or even a thousand coffees, the espresso taste enclosed in these handy, exclusive single dose capsules is unchanged, guaranteeing the same high quality you’d find in a bar, at home or in the office. And that’s not all: rapid, professional production means you can make lots coffees quickly, to serve in meetings to a large number of people without waiting.