Monday, February 7, 2011

Coolest invention ever - Handpresso Wild DomePod Espresso Machine

Now brewing: The espresso of your choice!

There are some really cool espresso machines out there on the market, but this machine is one of the coolest I have seen.  Whether your an obsessive compulsive espresso drinker like myself who would hook herself up to an IV of espresso or enjoy the great outdoors and like a nice coffee by the campfire, the Handpresso Wild DomePod Espresso Machine is the tool for you.

Don't mind the googly eyes she is giving to the guy pumping the Handpresso - he is pretty hot ;)

    The new Handpresso Wild DomePod works with ground coffee - you can choose your favourite roast or blend of coffee to brew.   Simply fill the seven-gram basket with your ground coffee and tamp.   Clean up is a breeze - simply remove the domepod from your Handpresso, press under the screen, and the coffee puck is released. Rinse your Handpresso with water and you are ready to brew again. All you need is boiling water to brew the perfect drink! The patented high-pressure extraction system uses hand-held pumping to prime the device, ensuring the correct 16 bar pressure needed to produce the perfect cup of espresso. Light and durable, the Handpresso DomePod can be stored easily in a drawer, backpack or with camping gear. Although cleanup is still a breeze, there are a few rules you will want to follow to keep your Handpresso DomePod in top shape. Do not use alcohol or detergents to clean the machine, and descaling is unnecessary. Just like the Handpresso Wild, the Handpresso DomePod is not microwave safe.  You can find a bunch of specifications on our website if you are interested.
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