Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our latest events...

We were super busy last week attending 3 events in 3 days - holy cow!

We did a private office function where we got to use our beverage branding and they were BLOWN away!  A few things to note:
- dispite the way it melts in your cup, it is TOTALLY edible - don't worry!!!
- we are going to have 2 different sizes - 1 for espresso and 1 for the big cups (latte, americano, cappuccino & hot chocolate)
- it was so cool!!!

Then we went to the Canadian Home Improvement Show which was interesting and AWESOME!  Our baristas worked with some pretty cool people.  This was a different kind of trade show than what we were used to as it was closed to the general public.  We made a lot of coffees and a lot of friends who we hope will keep in touch.
Below are some pictures for you to enjoy!
We were part of a great booth that had the Grey Cup there to take pictures with, along with some pretty cool mounties (no, they aren't real mounties, but they could still kick your butt!)