Friday, March 4, 2011

LavAzza Espresso Vending Machine... amazing.

The Italian Machine That Can Put Starbucks Out of Business

Where: Italy

Here's something that many who've visited Italy and definitely those who live there already know: one of the first and best friends you can make is your local barista. You see, when a place has the simple sign for a "BAR," that doesn't indicate a place for ordering booze, but rather for coffee, panini, pastries and other sweets and it's from your barista that you can hear the day's gossip and get a perfectly pulled espresso. could just learn how to use one of these super-easy Lavazza Blue machines, which, if widely introduced into the states (like, on every street corner in Manhattan especially), could put Starbucks out of business.
You find these machines typically in shops that don't have the space or money to install a proper bar with barista. Occasionally, these are even on the street and in other public places, like train stations. This particular one we fell in love with inside a pastry shop in Bergamo, so let us introduce you:

So yes, it's as painfully simple as shown in our video above. For 80 Eurocents, you can get a super tasty cappuccino cioccolato, an espresso macchiato, a hot chocolate and even tea with lemon. We went with a Mokaccino this time around, but we've pretty much sampled each option to the nth power.
Now where can we order one of these for home delivery?

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