Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flavour Radio - Dunkin Donuts boosts sales

so I just finished watching the craziest video I think I have ever seen.  I have been in the advertising and marketing industry for over 5 years and have NEVER seen or heard of anything like this before.  Brilliant!!!
Seoul has a very large coffee drinking population and, as the video says, most of the traffic to and from work is by public transportation.  Dunkin Donuts needs to keep up with the other large coffee manufactuers like Starbucks and other local coffee shops and prove that they are more than just a Donut Shop, that what your going to Dunk your Donut into is superb coffee.
They decided to affix a device to buses that shoots out a whiff of coffee aroma everytime their jingle plays on the radio.  The people on the bus instantly get the delicious coffee aroma and link that to the Dunkin Donuts commercial playing on the radio and then, when they get off the bus, there, conveinently located in the bus stop a Dunkin Donuts ad, along with a Dunkin Donuts shop right across the street.  Honestly, this is amazing.  Its all your senses being tampered with and encouraging you to buy the coffee your already going to purchase, at a place you didn't think of.
Wow.  Check out the video and see what others are saying.