Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Coffee Storage Battle

So Zia Sandra stores her coffee in the freezer...And Nonna Teresa insists coffee should be stored in the Cantina...Zio Tony thinks they’re both crazy and it should be in the kitchen cabinet.  They all have some valid points but all of them are not 100% correct.

If you have a big Italian family like we do, or know of one, here’s the first bit of advice…agree with them, agree with them, agree with them…unless you want to battle it to the death.  Furthermore, if you’re interested to find out the correct way to store your coffee, read on.  Yes, yes, we know that Nonna Teresa “knows best because she’s been around before coffee was even invented”.

Kryptonite is to Superman as Oxygen, Light, and Heat are to Coffee.  So simply, KEEP YOUR COFFEE AWAY FROM OXYGEN, LIGHT, AND HEAT!!!  For your convenience, we have listed the Do’s (there is only one) and Don’ts of coffee storage.

  • Store your coffee in an air tight, non-scented, clean, glass container at room temperature and store the container in a dark space (like a kitchen cabinet).

  • Leave your coffee on top of your espresso machine (unless you like bitter coffee) – the heat of the machine will actually change the taste of your coffee.
  • Leave your coffee exposed to air (unless you like stale tasting coffee) – coffee starts it’s process to becoming stale as soon as it’s roasted…turning beans into grounds expedites the process.
  • Store your coffee in the fridge or freezer (unless you like chicken tasting coffee) – since coffee is porous, like baking soda, it will absorb the scents in your fridge or freezer.
  • Leave your coffee in a clear container at the kitchen window sill – the sunlight will affect the taste of the coffee.
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