Friday, January 4, 2013

Giving back through espresso!

Last year we all sat around our board-room table and somebody said "we need to create a product for the single purpose of giving back to something".  At the time, one of our employees was in hospital at the bed side of his new-born daughter who was born 3 months pre-mature weighing in at just over one pound!

In his honor, we all concluded that we should create a product to donate to The Linden Fund, a charitable organization who provides comfort and support to assist in the mental, physical, and emotional development of 'at risk' (premature) infants and their families...and everybody thought it was a great idea! 

Since then, the product has been a great success and we are very happy with it's popularity.  Our customers love the espresso blend and are happy that some money from the purchase of the espresso beans they had to buy anyway was being sent to a worthwhile cause.  The product is called the Espresso Bella Dieci (his daughter was born on the 10th - Dieci), and the product code is LILI1KG, (Lili is her name :).  Lili is now over 15lbs and is doing great!  We are all very happy for her.

Every bag of the Espresso Bella Dieci that is sold, Espresso Bella Inc. (Toronto's Coffee Catering Company) will donate $5 to The Linden Fund.  Please be so kind to place an order and/or please forward this message to your friends and family!


Have a great day :)