Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to make Espresso like a Barista – Vol 1: Machine Temperature

Machine Temperature

From our experience, we know that sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious:
Step 1 - your first step is to put water into your machine, plug it in and then turn it on. 

Yes, yes, we’ve had people ask “why is there no power in my machine?”  After we ask them if it’s plugged in, they tell us that their other line is ringing and they have to go…hmmmmm, okay!?!? 

Now the reason you want to put water into the tank before you turn on the machine is because most espresso machines will automatically prime itself as soon as you push the ‘power-on’ button.  Basically what it’s doing is running water through itself to start getting ready for the brew! 

Every machine is different but we would say it usually takes a minimum of 5 minutes (for the simple residential units) to 20 minutes (for the semi-commercial/commercial machines) for the machine to reach optimal espresso making temperature.