Monday, March 4, 2013

Espresso Bar Caterng for Hardcore Renos!

Espresso Bella Inc. - Toronto's Coffee Catering company was happy to provide our Espresso and Cappuccino Bar Catering services for Hardcore Renos, the renovations guys! 

The purpose of the event was to welcome all of Hardcore Renos' vendors (see picture below of all the vendors) into the completed project located in Woodbridge, ON.  What an amazing event!  All the vendors not only got to see their products installed in the reno job, they also enjoyed an amazing cappuccino!  And of course, beverage branding to top it off! 
Amazing :)

After the event, our Barista was ranting and raving about the quality of work that Hardcore Renos' owners: Anderson Hinds and Manny Neves implemented into this project!  He even took some snap shots of it so that we can include it in our blog...please see below.

Thanks Hardcore Renos for letting Espresso Bella Inc. provide our coffee catering services!