Friday, April 22, 2016

Latte Art for Beginners!


Here, at our Espresso Bella Stouffville Showroom, we decided to create a video demonstrating how you can make your Latte's a little more beautiful, without being a skilled Barista! By using our 2-step guide to perfect Latte Art, and a little help from the tip of a Milk Frothing Brush, you can create the most beautiful Latte art that will wow all of your guests!

First things first: The key to great Latte Art starts at the base- great Espresso Crema. Without a thick Crema, your frothed milk will not sit nicely on top of your espresso.  

Secondly, your frothed milk must have a smooth consistency! (No air bubbles)!! Froth your milk until the consistency is similar to that of Marshmallow Fluff. Once it is at desired texture and temperature, tap the bottom of the jug a few times on the counter to release any existing air bubbles.

Finally, we get to pour!!
For this style of Latte Art, maintain a medium speed, a few inches away from the cup. Keep the milk in the same spot of the cup until full to the top, and the foam forms a circle on top of your espresso.

Grab your Milk Frothing Brush- or a tip of any brush for that matter,- and dip it into some remaining foam in the jug.
Begin to swirl the brush from right to left as you move up the cup. Then, drag your brush through the middle to create a Leaf/Floral design.

Voila! Latte Art!

Stay tuned for more Latte Art Video's Coming soon!

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