Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Min.E.Bella

This is the Min.E.Bella, Espresso Bella’s very own Capsule-based Espresso Machine. The Min.E.Bella is manufactured and imported straight from Italy. The Machine comes in both Black and White and is super light weight and easily mobile. This compact machine boasts 20 bars of Espresso, opposed to its competitor Espresso Machines which only use 15 bars (on average).

The power bar is located on the left hand side of the machine, at the bottom. The water tank is located at the very back. When pulling out the water tank, use both hands to slide the tank out and up, away from the machine. Be cautious and avoid pulling on the plastic handle attached to the back of the tank- this is solely used to grip the machine while filling it with water. Be sure to always have your Min.E.Bella filled with water, prior to using it. Once the tank is full, pop the water tank back in place- as you are now ready to pour an Espresso!

Here at Espresso Bella, we carry two different types of blends of Gualtieri Capsules- which are used in the Min.E.Bella- Doppio Gusto and Cream Piu. Both Capsules contain 6.6 grams of Espresso and are 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta. Doppio Gusto is for the Espresso Lovers who enjoy a strong, yet creamy coffee. Cream Piu is fantastic for a lighter, sweet, well rounded coffee. The Min.E.Bella allows you to pour into either an Espresso or Cappuccino cup!

The Min.E.Bella guarantees the perfect espresso every time. As it is made in Italy, production quality standards guarantee reliability and a long life. This machines is perfect for your home, cottage, office or store. It is very easy to use, which allows anyone to pour the perfect cup of Espresso without being a barista!
Thanks to the automatic ejection method, direct contact with the used capsules is avoided, guaranteeing a higher level of cleanliness of the machine. Excess liquids and used capsules are stored in a different, easily removable collection tank.

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Have a Beautiful Day, and an Espresso Bella!