Thursday, August 11, 2016

Don't Be Shy!

Six Coffee Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask at a Coffee Shop!


So you're waiting in line at your local coffee shop and you're looking at the menu, and suddenly it dawns on you- What is a light roast? Do you prefer Arabica or Robusta? Why am I not at Espresso Bella's Stouffville Showroom?
Lucky for you, we've got the answers, (and forgiveness for not coming to us first!)

What's the difference between a Light Roast and a Dark Roast?

A Light Roast:
- contains the same amount of Caffeine as a dark roast
- it has a sweet, floral flavour
- Its country of origin is more prevalent in its flavour.

A Dark Roast:
- Not necessarily stronger, but compared by its richness, complexity and how it is prepared.
- has a bittersweet flavour

*Beans are roasted for longer periods of time in a higher temperature in a dark roast.

What's the difference between Arabica beans and Robusta beans?

Arabica Beans:
- contain half the amount of Caffeine as Robusta beans
- 70% of the worlds coffee is Arabica.
- Has a sweeter, softer taste.

Robusta Beans:
- contains 2x the amount of caffeine in comparison to Arabica.
- 30% of the worlds coffee is Robusta
- has a stronger, harsher taste.

* Robusta plants are usually found in Africa and Indonesia. Arabica plants are found in Latin America and are usually more expensive.

What's the difference between Espresso and Drip Coffee?

- very hot water is used under high pressure through finely ground coffee.

Drip Coffee:
- Made by pouring boiling water over medium/course grounds.

* Espresso = fine grind, high pressure, crema
Drip = course grind, no pressure, no crema

What's the difference between Café Latte and Cappuccino?

Café Latte:
- Little foam on top of beverage
- contains more steamed milk than a cappuccino
- creamier flavour

- Lots of foam on top of beverage
- contains less milk than a café latte
- flavour is more dry.

What's the difference between a Café Latte and Café au lait?

Café Latte:
- uses Espresso

Café au Lait:
- uses drip coffee

What's the Difference between Espresso and Expresso?

- when you ask for an espresso, you are actually saying "press out" in Italian.

- when you say expresso, you will most likely be politely ignored.

Now you know!
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In the mean time,
Have a Beautiful Day, and an Espresso Bella!