Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Espresso Bar Catering


Some of Our Most Memorable Events

Here at Espresso Bella Inc. we not only have a never ending passion for Coffee, but we also
enjoy delivering Quality Service. Espresso Bella Inc. Espresso Bar Catering is a specialty service that brings forth both Quality and Class. Espresso Bella Inc. has the pleasure of servicing all types of events. From grand venues, to small private functions, we have the ability to customize our Espresso Bar and set up at virtually any location. Over the past 12 years, we have had the pleasure of servicing quite the number of events. We have traveled both in and out of the province to do our part in creating a successful event for our clients. It is truly rewarding to not only see and hear our client’s reactions to their freshly made-to-order beverages, but to be a part of some amazing events in some incredible venues. Although no two Espresso Bar Catering events are the same, and all are worth recognition, here are some of our most memorable catering events.

One of our largest guest count events we serviced was at The Santa Claus Parade in Downtown Toronto for Nintendo WiU.  With a guest count of about 10 thousand, our Barista's were very busy!  Our client decided to customize their Espresso Bar to strictly Hot Chocolate as the parade catered mostly to children - and we were beyond ecstatic to do so! Espresso Bella Inc. gives our clients the option to customize the bar to any desire. We have presented Hot Chocolate Bars, Canadian Coffee Bars, and even Iced Coffee Bars...anything specialty. We understand that everyone has a preference and that regardless of what beverage is in your cup, it should be a beautiful one!

Our largest multi location/man-powered events was when we worked closely with a high end client who had an event set up at eight different locations on the same day at different malls across Ontario.  We were so grateful to be a part of this event. We had eight of our Baristas set up with a customized Espresso Bar that incorporated themed desserts to compliment the beverages.   Our Catering Directors worked in-synch with our in-house Baker to get all the deserts and Espresso Bars packed up and ready for pick up the day before the event, ensuring that every Barista had everything they needed. 

            We had the pleasure of taking our Espresso Bar where some said it couldn't go...on the Toronto Ferry Boat and on to Toronto's Ward Island.  Our Baristas walked the mobile espresso bar through the streets of Ward's Island all the way to the wedding chapel in time to serve all the guests some delicious specialty beverages. Read more about the event as featured in the Toronto Life Magazine!

Another memorable event was when we had the opportunity to cater a private function for the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team. We worked closely with an event agency and catered an Alumni & Team dinner at a Golf Course in Ontario. The entire team enjoyed and indulged in quality espresso beverages, as our Baristas indulged in the once of a life time experience, up close and personal with all the team players! We truly love what we do, and when we cater events like these, and all events for that matter, we cater them with such gratitude and pride! 

               Espresso Bella Inc. aims for prestige! Whether it is an event big or small, we love creating a beautiful experience for our clients! Our team of Catering Directors can be reached by phone or email and invite you to fill out a Quote Request Form located on our homepage. You are also always welcome to stop by our Stouffville Showroom where you can taste our Espresso, chat with our team and see our machines in action!