Friday, August 25, 2017

Customizable Stencils

If there is one thing we have noticed about 2017, it is that Customization & Personalization is huge in the event industry!
Our Espresso Bar Catering has offered our Original* Beverage Branding for as long as the business has been around! However, we decided to step it up a notch this year and add something new and exciting to our Espresso Bar Catering menu!

Introducing Customizable Stencils!
These Food-Grade plastic stencils can be customized with just about any image, name or slogan.
All we need is a J.peg format image of your design, and just like that- you've created your very own customizable stencil! The best part- it's yours to keep!
You'll be making Espresso Bella's forever!

To order your Customized Stencil, visit our Online Store.
To Obtain an Espresso Bar Catering quote, fill out a Request Form here.

For any inquires, or to send your j.peg images for your stencil, please contact us at