Wednesday, October 4, 2017

First Day On The Job

My First Day at Work

       It's Vanessa... again! Today I'm going to take you all on a little journey through my first day working at Espresso Bella on September 27, 2017. Before I get into my day, I want to talk a little bit about the vibe Espresso Bella and the employees and owners gave me. The place itself is a very cute, cozy, and home-like place, and as for the people, they were great! They were all very welcoming, kind, and they made you feel like family.

       Now, the start of my day! First I was taught all the machines we carry, the types of capsules, beans, and grounds we carry and finally, all the accessories that are needed to give you the perfect espresso experience. If you're looking to find the ideal espresso machine - like my last blog said, the MinEbella or honestly any of our other products are amazing; however, we have a variety of machines and brands to choose from. On my first day of work, I also tried my first espresso ever! Isn't it ironic how I have never tried an espresso until my first day of work, yet I applied to an espresso bar catering company? To say the least, the espresso was delicious and I will definitely be having lots more in the future. When I made my espresso I added two pumps of hazelnut syrup to spice it up a little. Although, it was so hard to choose which flavour to add considering we have so many, such as vanilla, peppermint, English toffee, chai tea, and so much more

       Lastly, at the end of the day, I familiarized myself with all of our social media accounts. Espresso Bella's platform and involvement on social media is huge and continuing to grow as you read this! If you want to be apart of this growth, follow us on:

Instagram: @espressobellainc
Twitter: @espressobella

       Don't stop there! Visit our website for more information, and to purchase items from us and book us for your events at