Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why Choose Espresso Bar Catering?

Do you like coffee? Well you’ll love this…

    Do you have an event to plan? Whether it be a small office meeting or social gathering, to a large Trade Show, Wedding or Bridal Shower,Espresso Bar Catering service can take it to the next level. This involves a barista coming to the venue and setting up an espresso machine, and skillfully creating fresh to order caffeinated beverages for your guests. Not sold yet? No problem! Here are a few more reasons why we know you’ll want to incorporate espresso bar catering at your next event:
  1. Coffee quality - ditch the standard drip coffee and opt for the premium fresh roast
  2. Customizability - add a personal touch to the bar with a signature beverage or beverage branding
  3. Add personality and atmosphere with a classy setup and customizable additions
  4. It’s the ‘Pick me up’ your guests need at an early morning event or something to keep them partying all night long. *Don’t fret if your guests aren’t coffee addicts like you are, they can indulge in a selection of teas (with the option of tea lattes, YUM) or hot cocoa!

Some venues may offer the standard drip coffee, but that won’t satisfy the latte lovers and the espresso enthusiasts. Toronto’s espresso bar catering company has premium blend espresso that will far exceed those available in the typical venue package. These baristas are trained to make the perfect espresso and know just the right ratio of espresso to beautifully frothed milk for your cappuccino. Espresso Bar catering company Espresso Bella’s coffee is a blend of medium roast arabica and robusta beans from Columbia, Brazil and Vietnam. Their beans are roasted and ground fresh for the day of your event.

    Espresso bar catering also offer a variety of customization options. The baristas have access to many different syrups - from cookie dough to raspberry and everything in between - meaning you can create a custom drink (with a name of your choice) to serve to your guests at your event. There is also an option for beverage branding, similar to the concept of having a photo printed on a cake, only on a freshly made drink. It is a thin layer of sugar which can be placed on any dairy based* beverage. This feature is great for corporate events and weddings! You won’t see that with the standard drip coffee, or even Starbucks. ;) Espresso Bella has kindly provided photos of their past clients’ beverage branding to give you an idea of what you can do with this customizable detail.

As you can see, between their beautiful setup, to their picture perfect beverages, their services truly add that extra umph to any event you host. #HostWithTheMost

    The table setup of the Espresso catering services are sleek and clean, Espresso Bella’s branding is black and white, so whether your wedding or company colours are vibrant or toned down, the setup will always flow with the look and feel of your event. BUT - if you have a table cloth or decor you wish to add to their setup, that is never an issue. They can accommodate just  about any request you have. After being in business for 14 years, they want nothing more for the customer to be pleased.

A rep from Espresso Bella spoke of the joy from event goers as soon as they walk in the room. “As soon as guests walk into the room they smell the coffee and rush over. The machine is a welcoming place and invites conversation! I think it’s a familiar feeling and brings people together”. When booking an Espresso/Coffee caterer, you are guaranteed a barista who is professional, personable and knowledgeable. Prior to an event, clients may be concerned about their guests having to line up, and I thought the same thing until attending an event with an espresso caterer. After asking Espresso Bella what their secret is to run smoothly and efficiently, they say they are always prepared for the number of guests, sending the appropriate number of baristas to accommodate any quantity! Not only this, but isn’t it mesmerizing to watch a barista in action?

Now, let’s talk event times. If you’re planning a morning event, you need coffee readily available, because let’s face it… people aren’t themselves until they get their coffee. Something about a freshly brewed cup of joe makes everything better. Your guests/employees will really love the cup of caffeine and immediately be more enthusiastic (especially if you’re planning a work event). Even if your event is in the evening, who doesn’t love a post-dinner coffee? This will ensure your guests are energized and ready to take on the night (I’m speaking to the brides and grooms here - get your guests ready for the dance floor!)

    Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor, morning or evening event, an espresso bar catering service is always well received by guests.