Friday, February 25, 2011

My new obsession - Segafredo Glass Tumblers

At Espresso Bella Inc. we get access to a TON of cool new products.  Apparently these aren't that "new" but they are pretty cool, hence being my new obsession. 

These Segafredo Glass Tumblers are the perfect size for an espresso, machiatto, or when my zio's come over, an espresso with some sambuca!
They are so cool because you can actually see the layers of espresso, crema and whatever else you decided to put in your cafe that morning (or evening).  They are made from heat resistant glass so your espresso stays hot and your hand stays cool.  They are slightly larger than an espresso cup (3.5oz) giving you the ability to have more than one shot of something in the tumbler - which for my zio's is ideal.
They go with any kitchen decor, so you don't have to worry about matching the espresso cups to the coffee carafe and the dessert plates on the table like my mother likes to do.
I actually gave a case of these to my best friend Johanna when she moved into her new condo - she isn't a big coffee drinker, but she does find them the PERFECT chilled vodka shot size.  I guess they are perfect for every type of use!

If your interested in them, check out our website and buy some!
Click on Shop Online
Click on Cups and Mugs
Click on Glass
Click on Espresso Glass
Shop away!

or you can go straight to shopping online and type in SEGAB06 into the search field.  Easy Peasy!

You can't go wrong with these folks, I'm telling you!
A case of 24 cups is only $39.99.  Honestly that's like $1.66 per cup - NOTHING!
And incase your on the other side of the world and realize that you NEED these cups, not to worry, we ship all over the planet!
Talk soon kids, I need to go make me an espresso!!