Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Serve Espresso Pods - some information

The Easy Serve Espresso Pod - consistent, simple and mess free.  Espresso Bella tells you how.

An Easy Serve Espresso Pod, or ESE for short, is pre-portioned serving of espresso wrapped in a paper filter, ready to be infused with water.  The ESE pod is made to fit specific industry specifications in order to ensure it fits in ESE certified machines and can consistently brew a quality shot of espresso.  The ESE pods are intended to be a standard size in order to enable different pods manufacturers and different machine manufacturers to work in harmony.

How to use the ESE pods

The Easy Serve Espresso pods are placed within a pod adapter in your typical espresso machine, or if your machine has a pod brewer, place the ESE pod in there.  Make your espresso as per usual.  It is truly that simple.  The benefit of the ESE pods is their ease and convenience by eliminating grind issues, dose issues, and potentially a lot of mess.


The filter pod technology was patented in 1959 and developed years later into what we see presently in the ESE pod.  The Easy Serve Espresso pod was created to use in the Italian workplace to make coffee breaks quicker and cleaner for the employees.  Later on, pod brewers were created for spaces where espresso was not a specialty beverage such as restaurants and homes.  The specific ESE design was created by Illy in 1989 and was used as a marketing tool to sell effortless espresso making at home.  The ESE system is protected by the ESE Consortium for Development and has been standardized within the coffee and espresso industry.  The intention of the ESE specification was to encourage other coffee manufacturers to adopt the new system.  The creation of the Easy Serve Espresso pod sprang innovative thinking which led to manufacturing machines such as the Handpresso and the MyPressi units.  The world of coffee is endless!

ESE pod brewing machines allow the users to provide continuous espresso taste and flavour, time and time again without compromising quality.  Traditional espresso machines have the ability to provide a beautiful espresso leaving some to believe that you can't beat freshly roasted and ground beans.  However, unless you spend time with your machine and perfect the art of the espresso, the consistency of an ESE pod will win in taste and time spent, every single shot.  An article on February 26, 2008 in the Wall Street Journal by Janet Adamy, noted that 'Starbucks had temporarily closed some of its outlets to retrain Barista's, citing problems with Barista preparation of espresso drinks and poor practices such as re-foaming milk or calibrating pressure for non-optimal brewing time. Pod manufacturers note that these problems are generally reduced by the use of automatic machines and pod technology.'  The possibility of drinking an inferior cup of espresso from a high priced espresso machine is high, if you are not familiar with what you are doing.  Using ESE pods may not get you the best espresso you've ever had in your life, but it will provide you and your guests with something familiar and consistent.  Some also will purchase ESE Easy Serve Espresso Pods in Decaf, this allows the espresso drinker to make coffee with regular grounds for the majority but always have some Decaf Pods on hand for the rare occasion a request comes for a decaffeinated espresso or cappuccino. 

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