Monday, August 13, 2012

RoadWins - Heart of York Soccer Tournament

Happy to begin serving Coffee and Tea during the Heart of York Soccer Tournament

Service provided by Espresso Bella Inc., compliments of CAA
Coffee and Tea Bar Catering this weekend for RoadWins at the Heart of York Soccer Tournament in Newmarket was a great success!  Compliments of CAA, Espresso Bella Inc. served Coffee and Tea to the crowd of over 197 soccer teams and their spectators.

The friendly staff of CAA, TrojanOne, and Espresso Bella Inc.

Wow, CAA really does offer "Lifeside Assistance", we thought they were all about Roadside Assistance... boy were we wrong, CAA does all kinds of other insurances, like Home and Travel...even if your bike breaks down, CAA can be there to help! 

One Mom attending the soccer tournament locked her keys in her car.  Luckily for her, CAA was on-site and ready to help.