Saturday, September 15, 2012

Markham Museum - Coffee Catering Event 100% Green!

We were so honored and grateful to be a part of the Town of Markham Staff Appreciation event held at the Markham Museum yesterday afternoon.  The event was held outdoors and was considered a "rain or shine" event...yes, it rained!  Luckily the friendly staff of the Town of Markham remembered to bring their umbrellas and love to drink Espresso and Cappuccino's as much as we do!  Espresso Bella Inc. was onsite and ready to Cafeinate!

This event was especially special to us because it was considered a GREEN event.  Basically, it was a zero waste event which means all vendors cannot create any garbage.  All the vendors were provided with green bins and blue boxes only.  Any food soiled paper products such as cappuccino and espresso cups, sugar packets, etc go in the green bin, milk cartons/bags into the blue bin! 

Thanks to the Town of Markham for letting Espresso Bella Inc. be a part of your special day, and thanks for making us realize that we are a 100% GREEN company.