Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where to BUY Higgins and Burke™ Specialty Tea? And, where to BUY Higgins and Burke Specialty Tea in Canada!

Where to BUY Higgins and Burke™ Specialty Tea?   And, where to BUY Higgins and Burke Specialty Tea in Canada!

Espresso Bella Inc. is very proud to be able to retail this high quality specialty tea!  We also enjoy drinking Higgins & Burke Tea ourselves.  Our tea of choice when we do our Espresso Coffee & Tea Catering services in Toronto is most definitely: Higgins & Burke Tea!  We ship across Canada via Canada Post and usually our shipments depart our warehouse within 2 – 5 business days.  Upon warehouse departure, a tracking number will be automatically emailed to you.

Below are the most popular Higgins & Burke Teas with direct links to their associated landing pages:
Rooibos Teas – include: Caramel Rooibos
White Teas – include: Peach White

For your convenience, we have also listed the step by step instructions to order Higgins and Burke Specialty Teas in Canada.  Please feel free to print the below and save for future reference.

1.      Go to
2.      On the left side, click on ‘Shop Online’
3.      Click on ‘Teas’
4.      Click on ‘Higgins & Burke’
5.      Click on type of tea you like.
6.      Change the quantity of the items you would like in the box available (If you order over $150.00 worth of items, you will get FREE delivery within Canada!!)
7.      Click ‘add selected products to cart’
8.      Get a credit card ready and click on ‘Check out with PayPal’
9.      Enter credit card information (be sure to enter the mailing address of the credit card statement, even if that’s not where you want it sent to).  If this is not the address you would like the items delivered to, not to worry, you can change it before you are complete.
10. Follow the instructions as indicated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on: CONTACT US.