Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sealy Canada utilizes Espresso Bella Inc. to enhance their Trade Show Booth

The main reason corporations, such as Sealy Canada, utilize Espresso Bella Inc.'s mobile espresso and cappuccino bar catering services is because it enhances their booth.  Potential customers will follow their nose right to our Barista brewing freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee.  Once they have found the "right booth", they tend to stick around and feel the need to chat with the waiting sales reps and customer service associates.

We love to see it as it always works like a charm!

Another feature we offer is something we call 'Beverage Branding' (see above), this allows companies to place any message right on top of the beverage handed directly to the potential client.  It always puts a smile on the face of the receiver!

If you have an upcoming Trade Show and would like Espresso Bella Inc. to be a part of it, please visit our website: www.EspressoBella.ca and click on 'Request a Quote'

It would be an honor to work with you.