Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Best Espresso Beans

We've been asked so many times, "What are the best espresso beans?" and our answer will always be the same - It's completely personal and absolutely based on each individual's personal preference.  In short, there is no such thing as "the best" espresso beans.  Asking what are the best espresso beans is the equivalent to asking, "What is the best colour in the world?"...how can you answer that!?...You can't.  Anyhow, the "espresso connoisseurs" can tell the difference from one blend to the other but still it boils down to what their pallet is attracted to in terms of taste.

Then there's the "wannabe espresso connoisseurs" who like to show off labels and brand names to impress their friends - these people are just spending money foolishly because they definitely could get a better tasting brew (according to their pallet) if they didn't shop based on brand names or fancy packaging.  We call these people Placebo Espresso drinkers because the espresso actually tastes amazing to them because they were led to believe that it tastes amazing.

Another important factor is they type of machine you are using.  Every bean will produce a completely different experience when you change the process of the brew.  For example using a "push button" machine like Jura or Saeco, will create a different flavour when you use the same bean in a Breville or a Krupps or a stovetop espresso machine like the Bialetti or Vev-Vigano.

Since a majority of our customers use automatic and semi automatic espresso machines like the Jura and Saeco, we created a bean that we consider to be "The Best Espresso Beans" (according to our personal preference of course! :)

The name of the bean is Venti Sei by Espresso Bella Inc. and you can buy it by the kilo only on our website.  Here's the link:
The Best Espresso Beans

We made sure that this bean was not an oily bean (usually oily beans mean it was roasted longer than necessary), which makes it perfect for the machine that grinds the bean and tamps within the unit.  An oily bean will over time clog up all the moving parts.

Now we know what you are thinking, "Why don't you have your espresso beans on the shelf in the stores?" - here's your answer.  We do not place our espresso beans in stores because we roast fresh to order (your order was roasted no more than 10 days from the order date...now that's fresh.)  We tried placing our espresso beans in stores (because so many retailers have been begging us!) but we will continue to refuse unless they can prove to us that they can turn over their inventory within 5 days - this can be very tricky but very necessary if you want to maintain that freshness.