Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cleaning up your Espresso/Coffee Bar

Revamping Your Espresso Bar!

With Spring finally here, we can’t help but gain the urge to purge! Spring Cleaning sure has its benefits, but can be time consuming! Here are some quick, easy and affordable tips to Cleaning out your Espresso Set Up and adding some fresh spunk to your Home Coffee Bar!

The key to a Clean, Fresh looking Espresso Bar is to keep things nice and tidy!

 Everything on your bar (or kitchen counter) should have a place!

Keep your espresso beans, grounds or capsules in an air tight container, or on a shelf, or rack!
You can find affordable glass air tight containers at various dollar stores/ grocery stores. Many come with labels that you can customize. This allows you to have more variety on your bar without having it look cluttered or messy.

Mesh-Top Shakers come in handy when wanting to top your drink off with something sweet, but don't want to deal with the mess!
Fill them with cinnamon, cocoa powder or anything your sweet tooth desires!
Great news, they're also available on our Online Store and In showroom!

Dose your machine have a heating rack on top? Remember to place your cups & mugs right side up! Placing them upside-down will heat the rim of the cup only- this is a recipe for a burnt lip!
allowing the bottom of the glass or mug to heat will keep your coffee beverage warmer for a longer period of time- since this is the first place the coffee hits when pouring into your cup.
You can also fill your glass/mug with warm water and let that help heat the cup while you set up your coffee. Dump the water out right before you are ready to pour your coffee.

Knock boxes are key to keeping a mess-free counter- especially with espresso machines that use grounds!
Breville has come out with a Stainless Steel Knock box that will go with any kitchen! The Knock box comes in two sizes and is made with a durable bar to “knock” your used grinds from your handle for a mess-free espresso, every time. The Knock box is lined with a removable rubber bucket that is easy to dump and rinse, eliminating the process of having to knock your grinds into a bag or garbage container, avoiding possible contamination.

To Purchase your Knock Box, visit our Online Store

Cleaning Up?
*Always remember to keep a damp cloth nearby*
this will come in handy for wiping your frothing wand after frothing milk & steaming it.

All removable parts of your Espresso machine can be cleaned in your sink with soap and warm water or in your dishwasher.  Confirm with machine manual*

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