Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

You were just served a fresh cup of Coffee/Espresso - What do you add to it?
 Just Milk?  Half & Half? These are some of the more common coffee condiments, but we wanted to step outside of the box. We searched around for some of the most bizarre, yet quite common Coffee & Espresso condiments and this is what we *shockingly* found!

Baking Soda – Not something you would generally associate with coffee or espresso, but it is actually used in coffee not for taste, but for its health benefits. Adding a tbsp of baking soda into your cup of coffee actually cuts the acidity in the coffee, making it more stomach-friendly.

Butter – Earlier this year, we actually put this to the test with Bulletproof coffee. Bullet proof coffee is the combination of freshly brewed coffee, organic grass-fed butter and MCT or coconut oil. We were huge sceptics of this at first because, let’s be honest, the thought of butter in coffee is not at all appetizing. The results however were the total opposite of what we expected. Adding the butter to the coffee – and blending it- made the coffee so rich and creamy. It was as if you were drinking a cappuccino. We found that you actually didn’t have to add any milk or sugar/sweetener to it- it was super light and airy!
Egg – adapted from the Vietnamese Culture – adding an egg to your freshly brewed cup of coffee creates a smooth beverages packed with protein!
Honey – a natural substitute to sugar!
Salt – sprinkling salt into your cup of coffee will actually reduced the bitterness.  
Peanut Butter – looking for a nutty fix? Try adding a scoop of peanut butter to your cup of coffee!
Lemon/Lime - Give your morning brew a citrusy kick by throwing in a fresh lemon or lime peel. The peel will get rid of the bitter flavors of your coffee and enhance its sweetness. Another myth suggests that a lemon peel can clean your teeth after drinking an espresso.
Tonic Water - Bubbly iced coffee sounds weird but also somewhat appealing, right? This combination is made by pouring cold brew or espresso over tonic water and ice. The resulting drink is said to be citrusy, crisp, and refreshing (especially on those hot summer days)
Ice Cream – not necessarily the most bizarre, as we know and serve this as an Affogato. It is delicious and we highly recommend it!
Some of these definitely sound more appealing than others, but I think I’ll stick to my long espresso shot with a splash of chocolate almond milk- yum!

What’s In Your Cup? Let us know!