Saturday, July 29, 2017


Happy Summer! We are in the midst of our busy season and we are over the moon! It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to plan and watch a client’s vision come to life! We have been so fortunate to work with so many amazing people, planners and companies to create some unforgettable events across Ontario! All of our caffeine loving clients- both repeat and new- have come to us with their vision, incorporating their very own personal touches and we have helped make it happen!

Here at Espresso Bella, we pride ourselves on the ability to accommodate just about any event and believe that there is always room to grow! We wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing clients, and we strive to incorporate diversity and flexibility into our business to better suit everyone’s request! From small, one hour meetings, to customized bars for the non-coffee drinkers, to multiple location events within the same day- we tackle each event with excitement and an open mind as this is our opportunity to bring someone’s vision to life!

It’s always hard picking just one event to focus on- because every event that we are fortunate to be a part of is so unique! Weddings are a great example of this.  Each and every wedding we have catered has incorporated bits and pieces of both the bride and groom that have made it impossible to compare to any other event.  Couples, among all our clients have the opportunity to add on our signature Beverage Branding to their Espresso Bars.  This is always a fun add on because the reaction from their guests alone is so rewarding.  People are truly amazed to see customized images and branding inside of their cup.  New this year is also our Customizable stencils. Like the Beverage Branding, this allows for any logo or name to be displayed on top of your cappuccinos and lattes! The best part- you get to keep the stencil! (And they lived happily ever after with endless 
Espresso Bella’s!)
 It is a great way to make the Espresso Bar a true reflection of the bride and groom.

              It is reasons like these that motivate us to reach all potential clients! Another set of note worthy events that come to mind are our events that require multiple locations in the same day! (Keep in mind, this does not include the multiple bookings we get on a daily basis- this is just one high end client)  Espresso Bella has been fortunate to cater numerous events on a single day, that require more than one location ranging from 2 up to 15! That’s right- Espresso Bella went province wide as we stretched from Windsor, Ontario to St. Catherine’s, Ontario at 15 different Lexus Dealerships! That’s 15 separate Espresso Bar Set Ups with 15 beautiful espresso machines and 15 professional baristas! Our Catering Directors came together in just over two weeks to plan this corporate event that ran as smooth as our espresso flows!  This event was a great example of putting our team and ability to the test!  With a little determination and hard work - absolutely any event is possible!

             We love joining companies and clients with the same motive in mind! Lexus, for example, is a luxury brand that values the opportunity of Experiencing Amazing. Espresso Bella believes that all our clients should experience class and quality from our products, to our services, and of course our espresso!  Going forth any event, we always present gratitude and optimism as we take each booking as an opportunity to grow! Not only do we believe that every cup of espresso should be a beautiful one, but every event we cater too!