Saturday, November 11, 2017

Why Us?: Beverage Branding and Stencils

Beverage Branding

       Beverage branding, a common request that many of our clients make when booking an event, is one of the things we, Espresso Bella, pride ourselves in. It allows our company to stand out from many other coffee catering companies, and we always get great feedback afterwards. 

      For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term 'beverage branding', it is an edible image, logo, picture, monogram, or even quote that can be placed on the top of your coffee, and because it is made of sugar and food colouring, the image blends perfectly with your drink. The best part, it does not alter the flavour of the drink whatsoever! 

       Beverage branding is a great tool that can be used to promote your business and get the whole room to notice your brand, because it is not being promoted on the cup, or the sleeve, but right on the top of the drink! It allows your guests to look down into their hand-crafted beverage and see a logo, image, or wording of your choice right there in the palm of their hands. 

       We take great pride in being the only company in Canada to beverage brand drinks with more than just a logo. We give our customers many options as to what they can place on their drink. Beverage branding allows us to add a special touch to all the drink we make, and wow our customers, and your guests every single time! 

       Stencils are another unique touch that we provide our customers with! We create the stencils ourselves, and they can be wording, or even logos! Once the stencils are made, we place it on top of the drink, sprinkle some chocolate or cinnamon powder, and there you have it, a customized design in your cup!  

       If you're looking for a new, unique way to advertise your brand, or if you're just looking to wow your guests at your next event, book with us today at We promise you won't be disappointed! 

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