Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Mokador Espresso Machine Repair & Service Plan

If you LOVE espresso like we do at Espresso Bella Inc., your biggest worry is one morning waking up and realizing that your morning espresso has been rudely interrupted by a broken and dysfunctional espresso machine.  It gives me the shivers as I write this...

Anyhow, we took into consideration what other machine repair shops are doing in terms of repair and service and it just doesn't make sense to us. - You give them your broken espresso machine, wait a million years, then they charge you an arm, a leg, and your first born; then they give you your old jalopy back.  Something is missing here...what ever happened to service?

We asked ourselves a very serious question: How can we give a brand new machine when a client gives us a broken machine for repair? - Out of necessity comes creativity!!

Here's the answer, the Mokador Repair and Service Plan

Be a part of a growing satisfied client base and purchase your first Mokador Espresso Machine - The perfect single serve espresso machine.