Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fun Facts about Espresso Bella

Our Signature Tie

If you are familiar with Espresso Bella, then you are definitely familiar with our signature necktie in our Logo and on various products.
So why the necktie you may ask?
Espresso (Bellas) and Neckties actually have more in common than you think.

The Necktie has been known to represent class & quality- two elements that Espresso Bella strives on. Whether it is through our Espresso Bar Catering, Our showroom demonstrations, or processing your orders- Espresso Bella will go above and beyond to bring you the most authentic and classiest Espresso & Coffee experience.
You'll even catch our baristas rocking white neckties or T-shirts with our Necktie Logo at our Espresso Bar Catering events to bring our  class to life 

Neckties are usually sealed with a knot/bond between the two ends of fabric. Here at Espresso Bella, we like to think that our 'bond' is found between our Career and our Passion. This 'tie' between a business and an undivided passion has created the foundation of Espresso Bella.
Espresso Bella is more than a business, its a place where we welcome all those passionate about Espresso & Coffee to come together and indulge. Even those new to the Tasty Italian Espresso (see what we did there?) can come to Espresso Bella and learn about the history behind Espresso, the requirements to making a true Espresso Bella and all the products and machines we use and love. Our main goal at Espresso Bella is to share with you everything we know.
Its a beautiful thing when a Career and a Passion come together!

Finally, we don't call it a day at Espresso Bella until we make the people smile!
So enjoy a few acronyms that are represented by none other than the TIE!
The Incredible Espresso
Tasty Italian Espresso
Tutto Italiano Espresso
Take It Easy .. and have an Espresso Bella
Trust In Espresso Bella
The Italian Experience

Just to name a few.

Now you know!
We hope every time you see a Classy White Necktie, you think of Espresso Bella!

In the mean time, Have a Beautiful Day, and an Espresso Bella