Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Caffeine Facts!

10 Things You Probably Did Not Know about Caffeine

Are you the select few that can't consume a coffee past a certain time of day? Is your cup of Coffee just not doing it for you? Do you swear by decaf?
Below is a list of Caffeine facts that you probably did not know.
We guarantee after reading this, you'll not only determine the perfect cup of coffee for your lifestyle, but you'll probably be craving one too!

1. a Light Roast actually contains more caffeine than a Dark Roast

2. Caffeine usually kicks in about 15-20 minutes after consumption. This jolt of energy can last anywhere from 8-14 hours depending on the person consuming.
(plan responsibly to avoid a sleepless night)

3. Feeling fried and overdone? Drinking a cup of coffee and taking a 15 minute nap/rest is considered a 'Brain Reboot' and will give you that motivation you've been looking for

4. 60 Plants on our planet contain Caffeine- not just Coffee and Tea!

5. 10-20 grams of Caffeine is considered to be the lethal dose. This is equivalent to 4.69 gallons of Coffee.

6. Always wondered why one type of coffee kept you up longer than the other?
Did you know that different Coffee brands contain different amounts of caffeine?
For example, when comparing a Starbucks Grande Coffee with a McDonalds regular coffee, Starbucks coffee actually has a ton of caffeine in their coffee compared to McDonalds.
Starbucks = 20.1mg Caffeine
McDonalds = 9.1mg Caffeine

7. Alright Decaf Drinkers- this ones for you.
Decaf is said to contain about 8.6-13.9mg of Caffeine, opposed to the regular 95-200mg of Caffeine found in a cup of coffee.

8. 90% of our planet uses caffeine in some way, shape or form!

9. 1,3,7 Trimethylxathine is the Chemical Name for Caffeine

10. Coffee actually contains more Caffeine than some of the leading energy drinks.
As we know, a cup of coffee contains anywhere from 95-200mg of Caffeine, whereas Redbull only contains about 76-80mg.

Now You Know!

So go ahead, and grab you cup of 1,3,7 Trimethylxathine, and have a beautiful day!